While raves are seldom served at room temperature, too often they're served 'under-chilled'. The consequence? MOOD POISONING !

Hiring Trance&Mental to chill your rave entirely avoids this unsavory prospect...

Trance&Mental features the sonic noble savagery of MICKEY HUFF (guitars, keyboard, attitude) and MICHAEL MASLEY--a seasoned explorer of uncharted timbral wilderness (bowhammer cymbalom/dulcimer, tribow nyckelharpa, bass-bowl, gobeon, phenix, colossalimba (spring-fed) reed-slide, bandrum. etc--ad hoc, modified and even total instrumental fabrications inspired from years of touring the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, in, and out, of body.

The result?
"A seamless turning of the inside out--a mobius trip through a musical looking glass" --E. Norton

MICKEY HUFF is a 30-year-old Bay Arean transplanted from Pennsylvania. Of his over 70 hours of recorded material, his most recent is "Crowjack...and we all fall down" (1999/Razz Records). He has taught music theory/comp privately for 13 years (with guitar, piano, and MIDI tech) and has written, arranged and performed speed metal, rap, country (for RCA satellite label) background music for educational video, industrial dance, techno, jazz fusion, blues, hard rock, and more.

CONTACT: Mickeyhuff@mac.com 510-798-6251 Michael@artistgeneral.com 510-548-1241
TRANCE&MENTAL debut CD: November 2001

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