A new approach on an ancient instrument 
The 1st Bowhammer Cymbalom CD on Earth! Mystery Repeats Itself contains selections from 6 albums, 1985-93: Cymbalom Solos, The Moment's River, Bells & Shadows, Mystery Loves Company, Sky Blues, and Life in the Vast Lane. 

"...master of extended cymbalom technique." --Bart Hopkin / Experimental Musical Instruments 
"exhilarating and hypnotic" --Jackson Griffith / PULSE!  
"beautiful and mesmerizing" --Bill Tilland / OPTION  
"extraordinary" --Jennifer Shields / THE MUSIC PAPER  
"original and inspiring" --Mihai Manilou / BAM 
"accessible and intriguing" --Kerry Dexter / DIRTY LINEN 
"mystery at its best, compelling...ever-changing" --Ann Rider / NAPRA REVIEW 
"holds your senses captive in his baffling experimental otherworld" --Ellen Mediati / CUPS 
"hauntingly errie, sometimes overwhelming music...truly a master at work" --Dr. Spin / SAN FRANCISCO ROCK REVIEW 
"Masley is a genius...his music seems to come from another world in which harmony has other rules and sound has a signficance (as yet) unknown to us...an unforgettable collection..." --Gianluigi Gasparetti / ASCOLTI PROFONDI (DEEP LISTENINGS #3/95) - Italy 
"breathtaking...incredibly dense, spherical...brilliant...can be recommended without reservation..." --Walter Bast / FOLK-MICHEL (3/96) - Germany  

Profiled on NPR's "ALL THINGS CONSIDERED" 8/15/95.  

Mystery Repeats Itself is available through:

P.O. Box 5232  Berkeley, CA 94705  Phone/Fax: 510-548-1241 
Phone/ fax 510-548-1241  
email: mmasley@idiom.com