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Death to the Emperor,
And Death to the Emperor's Tailor!

Hard-copy, Naked Words...I've played the street for 25 years
and now, suddenly, from this paved instrument: these silent notes rise

hand-pressed from sidewalk to cyberspace--tape, staple, push, keystroke, click & send--

how the eyes & fingertips of incomplete strangers meet & greet invisibly online
how virtual beginnings nevermind a plausibly imaginary end
to all this mortality

eyed yet never seen, seen yet never faced, faced yet never known

blurred clear from some aggressively forgetful sidewalk to the photographic memory
of this global screen.  There!  can you here me now?  See why the spellcheck bounces?

It's like a simile trying

to second-guess a mixed metaphor. 

----Artist General Michael J. Masley
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